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Nonprofits and Poverty Research

This research, with Ines Wenger Jindra, focuses on how antipoverty nonprofits work with the poor.  This research has been ongoing since 2010, and involves over one dozen nonprofits, most involved in “developmental relationships.” Nationwide, many nonprofits are shifting to this model, an important but controversial development in the war on poverty. Future writing will include a book on how nonprofits use “relational work” to help people get out of poverty or to attain more life stability.

New (2020) article on the controversy over relational work and nonprofits (with University of Amsterdam sociologist Bowen Paulle),

For an article (2018 print, 2016 online) on how “Bridges Out of Poverty” works with the poor, click here

For more publications, see https://bu.academia.edu/MichaelJindra

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