Two major, overlapping projects:

1. Lifestyle Diversity and Economic Inequality

Forthcoming book: Lifestyle Explosion: The Clash of Lifestyle Diversity and Economic Inequality.

Lifestyle Explosion is intended to be a major, provocative entry in the debate on economic inequality and diversity that’s threaded through political conversations on all points of the political spectrum. It fingers lifestyle diversity as the key, controversial, and neglected cause of inequality in the USA and the world at large. Since well-meaning efforts to limit inequality almost inevitably end up limiting diversity, this book also delves into the troubling policy dilemmas at work when we promote both diversity and equality.

This book expands on the article:

The Dilemma of Equality and Diversity (Current Anthropology, 2014)

“This is a welcome, eye-opening contribution and a pleasure to read. The essay addresses a deep and significant issue by means of a skillfully conducted, humane and balanced review of many literatures.”  Richard Shweder, University of Chicago.

“Michael Jindra…is doing some of the most creative research on inequality today…” –Christine Rosen in “Lifestyles of the Not Rich and Unequal

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2. The antipoverty work of nonprofits

Recent publication on relational work